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Magic Mist AMayZingly Charismatic
Born March 3, 2009
AMHA/AMHR pending
Out of Mountain Highs AMayZing, and by Windy Woods Speckled Ice, this little buckskin pinto colt is spectacular!   Born at 297 days gestation, but he hasn't let that slow him down. He's healthy and active.  Very typey, with gorgeous head and neck, refined, and has a wonderful topline and tailset.  This colt should be an awesome show horse. He's very sociable, he whinnies and comes running when he sees someone, he just loves attention!    He will be offered for sale, we are just waiting a bit before pricng him, though he will be reasonably priced and we will also offer show incentives.  We are also offering free delivery to AMHR Nationals in Tulsa in September!   If you are looking for a born-to-show show horse, don't let this little colt pass you by!
Charis with a livestock gaurdian dog

Windy Woods Speckled Ice

Pleasant Meadows Showtime x Tinker Toys Freckles
Lab tested cremello dun homozygous pinto. 

We leased Ice from Cherilyn and Keith Simagna of MMMTC for the 2008 breeding season, and are expecting seven of his foals in 2009.  Two other mares carrying Ice foals were sold, and another outside mare was bred.   Every mare that Ice bred last year settled. Good job Ice!

All photos of Ice are all natural, straight out of the pasture, not body-clipped. He has never had a neck sweat on, never been "show conditioned", never even taught to "stand up" the camera really doesn't do this beautiful horse justice. He is a magnificent horse with a beautiful neck and a lovely trot. He is a once in a lifetime kind of horse. Thanks SO much to the Simagnas for trusting us with their beautiful stallion!

Update!  The first  has arrived, on March 2nd-- a beautiful buckskin pinto colt!

Mountain Highs AMayZing
AMHA/AMHR 1996 33 1/2"Six Hall of Fame Awards, plus Superior Dam
Multiple National Champion
2001 AMHR Performance Horse of the Year, Under
May driving in a country pleasure class
May is not only an incredible show horse, she is an incredible mom. As much as she loves the spotlight, May's biggest love is having little foals of her own, which she does every other year. And her foals are pretty incredible too-- her first two have earned their places in the AMHR Halter Hall of Fame, making May a Superior Dam! May has earned her fifth and sixth Hall of Fame Awards in 2005, in Hunter and in Jumper. Her other Hall of Fame awards are in Halter, Country Pleasure Driving, Pleasure Driving, and Roadster. Added to her National Championships and Reserve Championships and National Top Tens, as well as the honor of being the 2001 Performance Horse of the Year, it is undeniable that AMayZing is, well, AMAZING. Check out May's page for more info on our star horse.

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