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Magic Mist No Icing Please
DOB May 4, 2009
AMHR (pending)
No Icing Please
Out of Magic Mist I'm An Appy Lucy, and by Windy Wood's Speckled Ice, another loud palomino pinto filly!  This filly's palomino markings were so dark at birth, she will be a gorgeous deep golden color when she matures.   She also just may get appaloosa spots in the future as well, since her dam is a leopard appaloosa.   Long legs, well-put together, and a great trot,  this filly will be a B size and would be a great addition to a show string!   She's also, like the rest of this year's foals, nominated to the AMHR Nationals Futurity.   Asking just $1500
No Icing Please
Lucy and No Icing Please

Windy Woods Speckled Ice

Pleasant Meadows Showtime x Tinker Toys Freckles
Lab tested cremello dun homozygous pinto. 

We leased Ice from Cherilyn and Keith Simagna of MMMTC for the 2008 breeding season, and are expecting seven of his foals in 2009.  Two other mares carrying Ice foals were sold, and another outside mare was bred.   Every mare that Ice bred last year settled. Good job Ice!

All photos of Ice are all natural, straight out of the pasture, not body-clipped. He has never had a neck sweat on, never been "show conditioned", never even taught to "stand up" the camera really doesn't do this beautiful horse justice. He is a magnificent horse with a beautiful neck and a lovely trot. He is a once in a lifetime kind of horse. Thanks SO much to the Simagnas for trusting us with their beautiful stallion!

Update!  The first  has arrived, on March 2nd-- a beautiful buckskin pinto colt!

Magic Mist Im An Appy Lucy
AMHR 2004, DOB January 15
Lucy Spring 2009
Out of Magic Place Pando ,a, by Southern Charms Ramblin Rogue, "Lucy" is a beautiful mare.  Super straight legs, great topline and high tailset, and boy can she TROT!    She is also an absolute sweetheart to do anything with, a total lovebug.  See Lucy's page for more info and pics.

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