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Sold! Magic Mist Blazing Illusion
Born May 3, 2011
AMHR pending
Blazing Illusion
Out of Magic Mist Wildfire (National Champion Youth Halter) and by CCMF Spotted Illusion, this colt is a beauty. Refined with great conformation and lovely movement, he has a neat blaze and two hind white socks. He would make a wonderful show horse. Expected to mature about 36", a great size for driving!   He's also nominated in the AMHR National Futurity! See Blazing's page for more.

Congratulations to Leanna Ekstrom on her purchase of this lovely colt!   Watch for Leanna and Blazing in the show ring!

Magic Mist AMayZingly Charismatic
Born March 3, 2009
Out of Mountain Highs AMayZing, and by Windy Woods Speckled Ice, this little buckskin pinto colt is spectacular!   Born at 297 days gestation, but he hasn't let that slow him down. He's healthy and active.  Very typey, with gorgeous head and neck, refined, and has a wonderful topline and tailset.  This colt should be an awesome show horse. He's very sociable, he whinnies and comes running when he sees someone, he just loves attention!    He will be offered for sale, we are just waiting a bit before pricng him, though he will be reasonably priced and we will also offer show incentives. If you are looking for a born-to-show show horse, don't let this little colt pass you by! All 2009 foals are nominated into the AMHR Futurity! See Charis' page for more info and pics.

Magic Mist Wild Illusion
Born March 23, 2009
August 2009
this jet black colt (now a gelding!) is built to impress!   Very leggy, long neck, with a superb laid-back shoulder, this boy has what it takes to excel in performance, and do well in halter too.  His Granddam took Grands in her limited halter-showing career, his dam is a National Champion in Halter (Youth class), and his dam's half-brother is an accomplished performance horse with a National Championship in Jumping and many National Top Tens, along with having his Hall of Fame in Halter.  If you want a horse with the close-up proof of ability, this colt is what you are looking for!  He should mature about 36". 
Wild Illusion was nominated to the AMHR National Futurity and has been sustained as a yearling.. Asking
 $1000. See Wild Illusion's page for more info and pics

SOLD! Magic Mist Secretly Iced
Born April 4, 2009
Out of Magic Mist Top Secret and by Windy Woods Speckled Ice, this palomino pinto colt inherited tobiano and splash from his sire, and sabino from his dam.   "Rhett" has got a lot going for him, and not just his coloring!  His dam's sire and dam both have too many National awards to list here, and his dam achieved her Halter Hall of Fame before becoming a broodmare.  His sire is a multi-National Top Ten producer, with limited foals showing.  "Rhett" has lovely straight legs, a nice topline and tailset, and has terrific movement.  He also has one bright blue eye.   All of our foals this year are nominated to the AMHR National Futurity.  See Rhett's page for more info and pics.

Magic Mist Amberlyn Ice
DOB  April 5 2009

Out of Wild Winds Frost Fire (dam of two National Champions), and by Windy Woods Speckled Ice.  

Another winner!  This filly is very refined and oh-so-pretty.   Palomino pinto with  ice-blue eyes and all of that white make her even more striking.  We can't tell yet if she's inherited the appy gene from her dam, but she definitely got a good dose of pinto from her sire!  
All of our foals are nominated and sustained to the  AMHR National Futurity.

See Amber's page for more info and pics.

SOLD! Magic Mist Iced Up Romeo
DOB April 9, 2009
Out of Mountain High's Lady McBeth (paternal sister to Mountain Highs AMayZing) and by Windy Wood's Speckled Ice, Romeo is a beautiful, very refined palomino pinto. He's nominated into the AMHR Nationals Futurity too! See Romeo's page for more info and pics

SOLD! Magic Mist No Icing Please
DOB May 4, 2009
No Icing Please
Out of Magic Mist I'm An Appy Lucy, and by Windy Wood's Speckled Ice, another loud palomino pinto filly!  This filly's palomino markings were so dark at birth, she will be a gorgeous deep golden color when she matures.   She also just may get appaloosa spots in the future as well, since her dam is a leopard appaloosa.   Long legs, well-put together, and a great trot,  this filly will be a B size and would be a great addition to a show string!   She's also, like the rest of this year's foals, nominated to the AMHR Nationals Futurity.   Congratulations to Lori Connin for her purchase of this wonderful filly!  See her page for more info and pics.

Magic Mist Macushla
Born March 16, 2008
AMHR pending
Entertaining a visitor
Out of Magic Mist Wildfire and by CCMF Spotted Illusion, this filly is incredible.  Shown as a newborn here, she has tons of appaloosa color and a lovely blaze, gorgeous neck, leggy, and nicely refined.   "Macushla" is Celtic for "My darling, my blood", from an Irish ballad and made popular by the movie Million Dollar Baby.  This filly is MY million dollar baby, and is not for sale.  See Macushla's page for more info.

Magic Mist Sugar Me Sweet
Born March 28th, 2008
AMHR and AMHA pending
Sugar Me Sweet
Out of Vi's Sugar Buck's Dominique, and by Magic Mist All Revved Up, this little buckskin filly has a darling head with a tiny muzzle, and a good-sized white snip on her nose, tiny tippy ears and the "Sugar Buck" signature high tailset.  "Sugar" is line-bred RSB Rowdy Sugar Buck, with our Mountain High's AMayZing as her granddam.  It turned out to be an awesome cross!    Great bloodlines, with National Champions on both sides, and it shows!  She's also got her sire's moves, as seen in the blurry "I can jump straight in the air for joy" photo.  :)    We are thrilled with this filly, and so is her first-time-as-a-momma dam.  See Sugar Me Sweet's page for more pics.

Magic Mist Kiss Me Kate
Born April 12, 2008
AMHR pending
By CCMF Spotted Illusion and out of Magic Mist I'm An Appy Lucy,  this filly is a dark bay with a blanket and spots, but she is getting more and more white all the time, so she may end up as a near-leopard.  "Kissy" has an incredible trot, long legs, long neck, and is super sweet.    Another example of the consistent quality that "Louie" is producing, along with great color.   "Kissy will be a future show horse for us.   See Kissy's page for more pics.

Magic Mist AMayZing Illusion
Born April 22, 2008
AMHR Pending
Amayzing Illusion
Out of Mountain Highs AMayZing and by CCMF Spotted Illusion, this darling filly looks and acts like a clone of her wonderful dam!    Same beautiful head and eye, same tail-flagging trot and dainty lady-like way about her, with plenty of style.  And she looks like she will "app out" too!    I can't wait to show this one!!  See AMayZing Illusion's page for more pictures. 

SOLD!! Magic Mist Bella Mia
2008 Filly
Magic Mist Linda Bella Mia
Out of Magic Mist Rowdy's Mia Mercedes (a Rowdy granddaughter) and by Magic Mist All Revved Up.

SOLD!! Magic Mist Supremely AMayZing
Colt, DOB March 25, 2007
May's colt
Out of Mountain Highs AMayZing and by Magic Mist Raging Fire N Smoke (BHR Lerwick, Superior Sire/ Wild Winds Frost Fire), this refined bay appaloosa colt is a beauty.   This little guy is straight and correct with a wonderful floating trot, and has he got LEGS!    Congratulations to Mike Landis, "Supreme's" new owner.   We look forward to seeing you both in the show ring! . See his page for more info and pics.

SOLD!! Magic Mist Fire's Fury
Colt DOB April 3, 2007
AMHR pending
Magic Mist Fire's Fury
Out of Wild Wind's Frost Fire and the first-ever foal for CCMF Spotted Illusion,this striking colt is a true snowcap appaloosa.   With his beautifully straight, long legs and wonderful conformation, he will be an attention-getter wherever he goes.  Expected to mature about 36", "Fury" is sweet, mellow, and loving, the exact opposite of his name.  See Fury's page for more pics

Magic Mist Silver Pride
DOB April 12th
AMHR registration pending
foal 2007
Out of Magic Mist Cisco's Leather N Lace ("Sis"), a blue roan appaloosa mare, and by Magic Mist Raging Fire N Smoke, this silver colt has a big blaze, and is refined, straight and correct with a gorgeous neck.  He inherited his dam's ground-covering trot and would make a great show gelding and driving horse.  "Pride" should mature to approximately 36".    This colt is available for purchase for $600.     See his page for more info and pics.

SOLD!!--  Magic Mist Domino Effect
Born April 21, 2007
2007 Colt

Out of Magic Mist Mirage and by CCMF Spotted Illusion,this colt is a solid black.  Ok, no appy spots, but what a nice head and body he has!  Built really well, and very correct. Nice trot too!     He would make a very nice show horse or pet.    Here he is meeting our Anatolian Shepherd (livestock guardian dog) for the first time. See his page for more info and pics.

Magic Mist Desiree'
Born April 23, 2007
AMHR pending
Out of Magic Mist Top Secret, and by Magic Mist Raging Fire N Smoke, this filly is a doll.   Gorgeous head with a huge blaze and big eyes.    Desiree' is a granddaughter of Mountain Highs AMayZing and we are retaining her as a show filly and future broodmare. 

Magic Mist RazzMa Tazz
Born April 27, 2007
AMHR pending
Out of Mountain Meadows Spring Tyme Wishes and by CCMF Spotted Illusion, this colt is a dream.  Just beautiful, refined and stylish.  He was born with a little white blanket and spots, but has shed out to be a near-leopard appaloosa.  These photos were taken at just two hours old.  This colt was originally for sale but I've decided to keep him.  He'll be joining our show string. See Razzie's page for more pics.  

SOLD! Magic Mist Revved Up Mercedes
Born May 7, 2007
Will be AMHA/AMHR registered
Magic Mist Revved Up Mercedes
Out of Magic Mist Rowdy's Mia Mercedes, and by Magic Mist All Revved Up.   This filly was our last foal for the year and what a finale!  So tiny and refined, she reminds me a lot of her sire at this age.  "Mercedes" is a granddaughter of Mountain Highs AMayZing and has a beautiful head, with a very neat blaze (go to her page to see pics of her blaze)SOLD!

CCMF Champagne Delight
DOB January 19, 2006 AMHA/AMHR/ICHR
We are thrilled to be adding this "classic champagne" appaloosa filly to our herd. Thanks so much to Critter Creek Farm in Florida!! Sired by Mountain High's White Cloud, she is a half sister to one of our stallions, CCMF Spotted Illusion, whom we just adore. "Delight" is our first champagne, but will surely not be our last! Delight is spending quality time with her dam and won't come home from Florida until she is weaned. See Delight's page for more pics.

Magic Mist Appsolute AMayZing
DOB April 8, 2006 AMHA/AMHR
Magic Mist Appsolutely AMayZing (pending)
Out of Mountain Highs AMayZing and by Mountain Highs Shoot the Moon (28.5" leopard appaloosa). Fine-boned and dainty, she was 17" at birth.  She has the appy sclera, mottling, striped hooves, and white hairs coming in all over.   We are "app-solutely" thrilled with this, our first cross of the "AMayZing" line, and appaloosa. See Appsolute's page for more info and pics.

Magic Mist Velvet Fire (pending)
DOB April 10, 2006 AMHR
Frost and Velvet
Out of Wild Winds Frost Fire and by Daleo's Emerald Ridges Color to Burn, this jet-black filly is a full sister to our gelding Magic Mist Color On Fire. "Velvet" has four white hooves with striping, and plenty of mottling, so we expect her to "spot out".   We are really happy with this filly--strong and straight and with plenty of attitude, she is definitely going to be a fun show horse like her siblings. See Velvet's page for more info and pics.

Magic Mist Iced In High Cotton
DOB April 15 AMHR/AMHA eligible
Magic Mist Iced In High Cotton
Out of Magic Mist May's Mom (Spring Valley's Dawn Glow in AMHA) and by Windy Woods Speckled Ice, a cremello pinto stallion owned by Midnyte Mountain Miniature Training Center. This filly is a beautiful loud-colored palomino pinto, and she is a half sister to our extraordinary mare, Mountain Highs AMayZing. Cotton has been taken off of our sales list, she's staying!  See Cotton's page for more pics.

Magic Mist Bonsai In Blue
AMHA/AMHR 2003 filly, DOB February 15
Bonnie as a foal
Out of Magic Mist Mirage, and by Eldorado's Bonsai Cast In Bronze (his first-born), "Bonnie" is a beautiful blue roan appaloosa. Refined, correct, and with a stunning tail-flagging trot, Bonnie made her show debut at three months of age and received four Junior Championships. I LOVE this filly.

Magic Mist Smokin Buck
AMHA/AMHR 2003 colt, DOB March 8
Smokin and Sparkles

Out of RSB Sparklin Smoke, and by RSB Rowdy Sugar Buck, "Smokin" was a premature foal that immediately developed pneumonia. He was also unable to nurse on his own for a few days because his legs were so wobbly, and we weren't sure that he would make it. With intensive care though, he did, and is now healthy and sassy. He was only 15" at birth and looks like he will stay quite small. He is a buckskin like his famous sire.

SOLD! Magic Mist Top Star By Far
AMHR 2003 colt, DOB March 24

Top Star

Out of Wild Winds Frost Fire, and by Happyland's Topper. This colt is a beauty, and if he follows in the hoof-steps of his sire, dam, and brothers and sisters, he will be a show horse to reckon with. Expected to mature under 34", he is very correct and moves beautifully.

Magic Mist Treasure of Bonsai
AMHA/AMHR 2004 filly, DOB February 16
Treasure bugging Hayley
Out of Rattlesnake Bayou Sparklin Smoke, by Eldorado's Bonsai Cast In Bronze, this filly made her entrance in the world at only 291 days gestation. She was strong though, and only needed some help getting milk for the first twelve hours, then she was good to go! We bonded strongly during that time and Treasure is now my constant companion while I am outside. This spirited little palomino filly has stolen my heart and is not for sale. See Treasure's page for more pics and info.

SOLD! Magic Mist Dark Secret
AMHA/AMHR 2004 filly, DOB March 7
Dark Secret Running
Out of Magic Mist Top Secret and by Eldorado's Bonsai Cast In Bronze, this black filly (with a star) is going to BE a star. She already shows how athletic she will be, with her constant running and playing, and her incredible presence. Her parents and grandparents on both sides of her pedigree have VERY impressive show records, including Grands and Supremes in halter, several National Championships in both Halter and performance, a Superior Sire, and a National Performance Horse of the Year! She is correct in everyway. We are offering her for sale, only because we have too many horses already to show. See our sales page or Dark Secret's page for details.

Magic Mist Raging FireNSmoke
AMHR 2004 colt, DOB March 30
Rage scratching mom
Out of Wild Winds Frost Fire and by BHR Lerwick (one of the Seth Thomas Collection horses, ASPC/AMHR) this colt was a thrill from the moment he was born. Such loud color on such a correct frame with that pretty face--- and he's already known as "Mr. Personality" with his bold attitude and wild antics. He is also a sweet cuddly boy too though! He has inherited his dam's incredible trot, he is something to behold at liberty. We are retaining Rage as a possible herd sire and a for-certain show horse. See Rage's page for more info and pics.

SOLD! Magic Mist Goldie Lockes
AMHA/AMHR 2004 filly, DOB April 11
SOLD! Magic Mist Goldie Lockes
Out of Magic Mist Serra Rose, and by Eldorado Bonsai Cast in Bronze, this filly is a beauty. Born looking somewhat sorrel (just like her sire had), she is going to be a beautiful golden palomino, just like her sire. Super sweet and friendly. SOLD!!

Magic Mist All Revved Up
AMHA/AMHR 2004 colt, DOB April 18
Rev as a Colt
Out of multiple National Champion, and AMHR Performance Horse of the Year, Mountain Highs AMayZing, and by the great stallion RSB Rowdy Sugar Buck, this tiny golden buckskin colt is sure to be a winner. We had planned to keep "Rev" as a future herd sire, but since we are concentrating on breeding appaloosas and have too many stallions already, we are reluctantly offering him for sale. Rev is very small, refined, and correct, with just 6" cannon bones. He has a light golden buckskin color that is very striking.

Magic Mist Elegant Express
AMHR #259692T DOB February 27, 2005


Our first foal of the year! Out of Mountain Meadows Spring Tyme Wishes, and by Mountain Meadows Special Express ("Prince," the 2003 AMHR National Grand Champion Halter Stallion) we are pleased to announce the birth of a beautiful bay filly! As yet un-named, this filly is everything we had hoped for and more! We will be adding more pictures soon, this one is while she was just born, learning to stand, and still wet. But already beautiful and imprinted on my heart! See Ellie's page for more info and pics.

SOLD! Magic Mist Sparklin Ice
AMHR #260042T AMHA eligible
DOB March 27, 2005
Magic Mist Sparklin Ice

Out of RSB Sparklin Smoke, and by Eldorado Bonsai Cast in Bronze. This little filly is black, and will gradually go gray like her dam. Very refined with an upright neck and beautiful head, she is every bit as lovely as her full sister who won our club's Futurity, and a Grand Championship as a weanling.

SOLD! Magic Mist Crimson Glory
AMHR #260043T DOB March 29, 2005

Magic Mist Crimson Glory

Out of Buck On's Sugar Bay, and by Magic Mist Blaze of Fire (red appaloosa), "Glory" is a beauty. Beautiful head, big eyes, and super straight legs. I was hoping for spots, but those could possibly show up later, since she does have appy characteristics. Even if they don't, she will be an eye-catching horse. Both her parents have high-stepping trots, so this filly should as well.

Magic Touch Command Performance
AMHA/AMHR DOB April 4, 2005

The colt on the left

Out of Magic Mist May's Mom (AMHR), and by Deiles Showdown Daisy, this pretty bay colt (now gelded) belongs to our good friend Michael Landis. I don't know how that worked out that year-- we got all fillies except for Mike's colt. . "Commander" has been able to spend his youth with the fillies we have that were born the same year, giving them that "brotherly, cute pest" touch. As a result, all of the fillies know how to "play fight", which is darling to watch. Keeps them all in shape too!

SOLD! Magic Mist Mesmerizing
AMHR #262677T AMHA eligible
DOB April 12, 2005


Born a deep rich red bay filly (though she clipped off very dark, her red color will come back in), out of Magic Mist Mirage and by Magic Mist AMayZingly Rowdy (Mirage was bred by him right before he was gelded). "Rowdy" is the son of our Mountain Highs AMayZing, five time Hall of Fame horse and AMHR Performance Horse of the Year, and Rowdy recently to his Hall of Fame in Halter as well. "Mez" is now getting white hairs on her face and body, so I expect her to color out nicely as her appaloosa heritage would suggest. Great filly at a super price! See Mesmerizing's page for more info and pics. SOLD!

Magic Mist Remember Me
AMHR #262678T DOB April 12, 2005

Silver bay with a HUGE blaze, two high white socks in back, this filly is flashy and a heartbreaker. Out of Wild Winds Frost Fire, and by NJ's Almost A Spot, our stallion owned in partnership that we lost after colic surgery just two days after this filly was born. She is our one and only foal by "Spot". Not only does she carry the "sentimental" factor, she is so gorgeous she takes my breath away. This one is a keeper. See Remmy's page for more info and pics.

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