Magic Mist AMayZingly Rowdy

SOLD! Magic Mist AMayZingly Rowdy

Out of Mountain High's AMayZing, and by Rattlesnake Bayou Rowdy Sugar Buck (National Champion). This colt looks, moves, and acts just like his dam, which is exactly what I was hoping for with this cross. Rowdy was bred to "Mirage" and then was gelded on June 28th, 2004. See his only foal, Magic Mist Mesmerizing. Rowdy will keep showing now, as a gelding. See his show results from the 2004 show schedule. See Rowdy's pedigree.

Rowdy in the show ring in Washington
Rowdy (right) playing with another baby
Rowdy and his Sire, Sugar Buck checking each other out
Rowdy at a show
Rowdy as a yearling

Rattlesnake Bayou Rowdy Sugar Buck
AMHA/AMHR 33 1/2"
RSB Rowdy Sugar Buck
Rattlesnake Bayou Rowdy Sugar Buck is an AMHA and AMHR National Champion. He has Multi-National Champion Foals. He is also a Rowdy Grandson. Rattlesnake Bayou Rowdy Sugar Buck is owned by Pheasant Run Stables. For more information, see Rowdy's pedigree.



Mountain Highs AMayZing
AMHA/AMHR 1996 33 1/2"
May showing her stuff
May is not only an incredible show horse, she is an incredible mom. As much as she enjoys the spotlight, May's biggest love is having little foals of her own. She gets really jealous when any other mare has a baby and she doesn't! May has beautiful and correct foals. Check out May's page for more info on our star horse. See Rowdy's pedigree.

Magic Mist Mesmerizing
DOB April 12, 2005
Deep rich red bay filly, out of Magic Mist Mirage and by Magic Mist AMayZingly Rowdy (before he was gelded). She is a cutie. Hopefully she will spot out (her dam is VERY loud appy). See Mesmerizing's page for more info and pics. SOLD!

Other Awards

  • 2004 AMHR National Area 8 Junior Champion

National Top Ten All Stars

  • 2004 - 6th Two Year Old Gelding 33" and Under

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