VI's Sugar Buck's Dominique

VI's Sugar Buck's Dominique
Sugar Me Sweet

Magic Mist Sugar Me Sweet
Born March 28th, 2008
AMHR and AMHA pending
Sugar Me Sweet
Out of Vi's Sugar Buck's Dominique, and by Magic Mist All Revved Up, this little buckskin filly has a darling head with a tiny muzzle, and a good-sized white snip on her nose, tiny tippy ears and the "Sugar Buck" signature high tailset.   She's also got her sire's moves, as seen in the blurry "I can jump straight in the air for joy" photo.  :)    We are thrilled with this filly, and so is her first-time-as-a-momma dam.  See Sugar Me Sweet's page for more pics.
Magic Mist Azirah
Born April 29, 2010
Gold N Glitter
Out of VI's Sugar Buck's Dominique and by Jandt's Precious Pimples ("Cowboy").  Pretty, pretty, pretty!  This filly is so golden, so upright and correct with such a pretty head and engaging personality.   Our second foal by Cowboy and also our second out of Dominique.  Win/win! See Azirah's page for more info and pics.

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