Wild Winds Frost Fire

Wild Winds Frost Fire
AMHR 1996 35"

We bought Frost as an early yearling. She'd had little to no human handling and was wild as can be, with no trust in humans, just fear from some hurried and rather rough handling as her first experiences. There was not a mean bone in her body, though, and she was simply beautiful, with a trot to die for.


It took months and years of patience and quiet handling for Frost to overcome the bulk of her fear. She is still a flighty horse, but we can do everything we need to with her, be it catching her, clipping or bathing or deworming, vaccinating, farrier work, etc. And, her foals are all very easy to handle and people-friendly.

All but one of her foals have been obvious appaloosas, even by non-appaloosa sires, and we still have hope for that one hold-out to spot out!


All of her foals have beautiful movement also, and are proving themselves in the show ring. One of her colts (Color On Fire) is a National Champion (Jumper), reserve National Champion (Multi Color) and has placed in the Top Five and Top Ten at Nationals in every category he's been entered (Halter, Hunter, Liberty, Owned Bred and Shown, etc) and has his Hall of Fame in Halter. Her first-born (Mirage) was shown just one season, but did very well in Halter and in Multi-Color.

In 2005 her filly Magic Mist Wildfire was AMHR National Champion in Youth Halter. Now the rest of those foals need to get out in the show ring. Frost Fire is one of my most favorite mares.

Frost and Mirage

Magic Mist Mirage
AMHR/AMHA 1998 34"

Out of Wild Winds Frost Fire, by Fishers Cisco Kid, Mirage is everything that I had hoped for: loud color, conformation, gorgeous head, great trot, and a sweetheart. She placed very well the one year that we showed her, now she is in the broodmare band and is reliably producing quality foals just as her dam does. See her 2003 filly, Magic Mist Bonsai In Blue, below. See Mirage's page for more info and pics.
Magic Mist Color On Fire
AMHR 2000 36"
Fire at Nationals 2005
Out of Wild Wind's Frost Fire, and by Daleo's Emerald Ridges Color To Burn, "Fire" began his full-time show career as a three year old in 2003. Everything was new and confusing to him at first, but he quickly acclimated and he enjoys it all: Halter, Liberty, Multi-Color, Hunter, and Jumper. At AMHR Nationals he placed Top Ten in every category!  He is also driving now, and we hope to further his driving career.  Fire's athletic ability, beautiful movement, intelligence, energy, and sweet willing nature make him a true delight to show, and his quirky character traits make him an amusing and wonderful companion. See Fire's page for more info and pics.
Magic Mist Cisco's Blaze of Fire
AMHR 33" dob 03/12/2001
Out of Wild Winds Frost Fire and by Fishers Cisco Kid, "Blaze" is very intensely appy-bred. Born a snowcap, he has a lot of roaning and mottling.   "Blaze" also has a VERY animated trot. Perfect bite, straight legs, this boy is just incredible. Blaze proved it when he went SUPREME in Halter at a competitive show, as a gelding!   He also has several wins in driving.   See Blaze's page for more pictures. SOLD!
Magic Mist Wildfire
AMHR 2002

Out of Wild Winds Frost Fire and by Iles Mystical Vision (now-deceased near-leopard appaloosa), this mare has a breathtaking trot.  Combined with her leggy and correct conformation, not to mention her regal bearing, she is a great addition to our herd.   She is also-- finally! -- beginning to "app out" with lots of white hairs on her rump and sides.   Wildfire was awarded National Champion in Youth Halter in 2005!    See Wildfire's page for more info and pics.
Magic Mist Top Star By Far
AMHR 2003 colt, DOB March 24
Top Star

Out of Wild Winds Frost Fire, and by Happyland's Topper. This colt is a beauty, and he spotted out with a bunch of white snowflake spots all over his body.  SOLD!

Magic Mist Raging FireNSmoke
AMHR 2004 colt, DOB March 30

Out of Wild Winds Frost Fire and by BHR Lerwick (Superior Sire and one of the Seth Thomas Collection horses) this colt was a thrill from the moment he was born. Such loud color on such a refined, correct frame with that pretty face--- and he just keeps getting nicer and nicer the older he gets.  See Rage's page for more info and pics.
Magic Mist Remember Me
DOB April 12, 2005
Remmy August 2006
Silver bay with a HUGE blaze, two high white socks in back, this filly is flashy and a heartbreaker. Out of Wild Winds Frost Fire, and by NJ's Almost A Spot, our stallion owned in partnership that we lost after colic surgery just two days after this filly was born. She is our one and only foal by "Spot". Not only does she carry the "sentimental" factor, she is so gorgeous she takes my breath away. This one is a keeper. See Remmy's page for more info and pics.
SOLD! Magic Mist Velvet Fire (pending)
DOB April 10, 2006 AMHR
Frost and Velvet

Out of Wild Winds Frost Fire and by Daleo's Emerald Ridges Color to Burn, this jet-black filly is a full sister to our gelding Magic Mist Color On Fire. "Velvet" has four white hooves with striping, and plenty of mottling, so she should color up (app out, spot up, etc, etc) very nicely. We are really happy with this filly--strong and straight and with plenty of attitude, she is definitely going to be a fun show horse like her siblings. See Velvet's page for more info and pics.
Magic Mist Fire's Fury
AMHR pending
Magic Mist Fire's Fury
Out of Wild Wind's Frost Fire and the first-ever foal for CCMF Spotted Illusion, this striking colt is a true snowcap appaloosa.   With beautifully straight legs and great conformation, he will be an attention-getter wherever he goes.  See Fury's page for more pics. SOLD!
Magic Mist Amberlyn Ice
DOB April 5 2009

Out of Wild Winds Frost Fire (dam of two National Champions), and by Windy Woods Speckled Ice.   Another winner!  This filly is very refined and oh-so-pretty.   Two ice-blue eyes and all of that white make her even more striking.  We can't tell yet if she's inherited the appy gene from her dam, but she definitely got a good dose of pinto from her sire!  

We need to see what the rest of the expected foals are before deciding if this one will be for sale or not.  See Amber's page for more info and pics.

National Top Ten All Stars

  • 2001 - 7th Broodmare (Wet) Over

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