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Magic Mist May's Mom (AMHR)
Spring Valley's Dawn Glow (AMHA)
AMHA/AMHR 1984 33 1/2"

This mare is a dream to handle, so smart and unassuming. She is super with the young foals and yearlings, a perfect babysitter to keep them in line but she is very gentle with them, and she gets to be boss, which she won't do with adult horses. It's so great to have four generations of this mare's line here, and we feel honored to be the caretakers of this grand old mare. We hope that she will enjoy her retirement, being pampered and teaching the younger generation, for many many years to come.

May's Mom

At age 22 in 2006 with her final foal

At age 22 in 2006 with her final foal


Flying W Farms Bay Beau


Flying W Farms Bay Fancy

Mountain Highs AMayZing
AMHA/AMHR 1996 33 1/2"
Ray, Lori, and May

May is not only an incredible show horse, she is an incredible mom. As much as she enjoys the spotlight, May's biggest love is having little foals of her own. She gets really jealous when any other mare has a baby and she doesn't! May has beautiful and correct foals. Check out May's page for more info on our star horse.

Magic Touch Command Performance
AMHA/AMHR DOB April 4, 2005

The colt on the left

Out of Magic Mist May's Mom (AMHR), and by Deiles Showdown Daisy, this pretty bay colt (now gelded) belongs to our good friend Michael Landis. I don't know how that worked out that year-- we got all fillies except for Mike's colt. "Commander" has been able to spend his youth with the fillies we have that were born the same year, giving them that "brotherly, cute pest" touch. As a result, all of the fillies know how to "play fight," which is darling to watch. Keeps them all in shape too!
Magic Mist Iced In High Cotton
DOB April 15 AMHR/AMHA eligible
Magic Mist Iced In High Cotton
Out of Magic Mist May's Mom (Spring Valley's Dawn Glow in AMHA) and by Windy Woods Speckled Ice, a cremello pinto stallion owned by Midnyte Mountain Miniature Training Center. This filly is a beautiful loud-colored palomino pinto, and she is a half sister to our extraordinary mare, Mountain Highs AMayZing. AND-- she is for sale! See Cotton's page for more info and pics.

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