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Magic Mist Uniquely AMayZing
AMHA/AMHR (pending)
Born March 30, 2011
Out of Mountain Highs AMayZing and by Jandt's Precious Pimples ("Cowboy") this is Cowboy's sixth foal for us, and the sixth filly. All of his foals have been incredible and this one is no exception to that. And yet she is exceptional. Watch for her on the show circuit!

Jandts Precious Pimples, aka "Cowboy"
AMHA/AMHR Born 1996
Big thank you goes out to Carrie Newburg of Cherokee Rose Miniatures for allowing us to add Cowboy to our herd!  These pictures were taken at Carrie's, Cowboy was 11 years old and just pulled out of the pasture, no conditioning done.  He's a gorgeous boy.  Not only is his buckskin leopard appaloosa coloring striking, but he has a beautiful head and neck, wonderful topline and tailset, and boy can he MOVE!   Cowboy is also so sweet and easy-going, great to handle, just a doll.   Cowboy bred the Magic Mist mares for the first time in the spring of 2009.   He covered five mares, and all five mares settled and carried to term, and every foal by Cowboy this year has been a FILLY.  A buckskin, two palominos, a sorrel and a double dilute.   Only one of those has discernable appaloosa coloring but there will be no complaints here!  (more will likely spot out in time, as some have appy characteristics).   Every one of his foals is wonderfully straight, upright, with long legs, lovely necks and high tailsets.  I love love LOVE this stallion!  See Cowboy's Page for more pictures. 

Mountain Highs AMayZing
AMHA/AMHR 1996 33 1/2"Six Hall of Fame Awards, plus Superior Dam
Multiple National Champion
2001 AMHR Performance Horse of the Year, Under
May driving in a country pleasure class
May is not only an incredible show horse, she is an incredible mom. As much as she loves the spotlight, May's biggest love is having little foals of her own, which she does every other year. And her foals are pretty incredible too-- her first two have earned their places in the AMHR Halter Hall of Fame, making May a Superior Dam! May has earned her fifth and sixth Hall of Fame Awards in 2005, in Hunter and in Jumper. Her other Hall of Fame awards are in Halter, Country Pleasure Driving, Pleasure Driving, and Roadster. Added to her National Championships and Reserve Championships and National Top Tens, as well as the honor of being the 2001 Performance Horse of the Year, it is undeniable that AMayZing is, well, AMAZING. Check out May's page for more info on our star horse.

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