Around Our Farm

We take great pride in the quality of horses we raise here at Magic Mist Miniatures. We've spent many years showing, traveling, and observing what kind of horses do well in the show ring, and collecting and breeding for top-quality horses.

Not only do we have top National contenders, but we also occasionally have nice minis for first-time buyers. There is nothing like helping someone acquire their very first mini, and helping them learn all about this wonderful breed. We've made some of our very best friends this way!

Take a look through these pages and see for yourself the attraction of "Magic" minis-- maybe you'll see one you want for your very own! We have mares, stallions, geldings, and foals. If you like the quality of our horses, check out the For Sale page.

Our hay field

Our farm sits on over 13 acres in near the beautiful Wellsville Mountains.   We raise our own hay, and here you can see our house and barn from the hay field.

our pasture

Some of our (hairy) horses at pasture.

more of the herd

More horses at pasture, with the Livestock Guardian dog in the herd.


more of the herd having fun

More horses at pasture, having fun

Enjoying a gallop

Enjoying a gallop

First snow fall and autumn leaves, photo taken from our front porch.

First snow fall and autumn leaves, photo taken from our front porch. 

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