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CCMF Spotted Illusion
AMHR 35 1/2"  born March 14, 2004

"Louie" is a stallion with a terrific temperament. Even after he began his breeding career, he has been easy-going and wonderful to handle.   I would love him for his temperament alone, but he also has terrific conformation and such a pretty head and neck, tons of energy and a stunning trot, and to top it all off, he has that strikingly gorgeous leopard appaloosa coloring.  He attracts attention wherever he goes, and visitors here are enthralled with him..   His foals have been outstanding.  See Louie's pedigree.

Out on lease.

CCMF Spotted Illusion
Louie playing around
Louie playing
Louie still playing
full speed!
Louie (left) and his sister
Louie pausing for a breather
CCMF Spotted Illusion
Louie summer 2005


Mountain Highs White Cloud


See Louie's pedigree.


CR Autumn Wind


See Louie's pedigree.

Sold! Magic Mist Fire's Fury
AMHR pending
Magic Mist Fire's Fury

Out of Wild Wind's Frost Fire and the first-ever foal for CCMF Spotted Illusion, this striking colt is a true snowcap appaloosa.   With beautifully straight legs and great conformation, he will be an attention-getter wherever he goes.! See Fury's page for more pics.

Sold!--  Magic Mist Domino Effect
Born April 21, 2007
2007 Colt
Out of Magic Mist Mirage and by CCMF Spotted Illusion,this colt is a solid black.  Ok, no appy spots, but what a nice head and body he has!  Built really well, and very correct. Nice trot too!     He would make a very nice show horse or pet.    Here he is meeting our Anatolian Shepherd (livestock guardian dog) for the first time. See his page for more info and pics.
Magic Mist RazzMaTazz
Born April 27, 2007
AMHR pending
Out of Mountain Meadows Spring Tyme Wishes and by CCMF Spotted Illusion, this colt is a dream, just beautiful,  Born with a small blanket and barely-discernable spots, he has colored out incredibly.  He has gotten better looking every year.  He's now a gelding and joined our group of much-beloved spotted geldings!  Will get more pictures soon!
Magic Mist Macushla
Born March 16, 2008
AMHR pending
Entertaining a visitor
Out of Magic Mist Wildfire and by CCMF Spotted Illusion, this filly is incredible.  Shown as a newborn here, she has tons of appaloosa color and a lovely blaze, gorgeous neck and nicely refined.   "Macushla" is Celtic for "My darling, my blood", from an Irish ballad and made popular by the movie Million Dollar Baby.  This filly is MY million dollar baby, and is not for sale.   See Macushla's page for more info.
Magic Mist Kiss Me Kate
Born April 12, 2008
AMHR pending
By CCMF Spotted Illusion and out of Magic Mist I'm An Appy Lucy, this filly was born a dark bay with a blanket and spots, but she colored out more as time passed and now looks like a near-leopard.  She has an incredible trot, long legs, long neck, and is super sweet.   Another "Louie" baby that is a keeper!   "Kissy" should mature around 37".  
Sold! Magic Mist AMayZing Illusion
Born April 22, 2008
Magic Mist AMayZing Illusion
Out of Mountain Highs AMayZingand by CCMF Spotted Illusion, this pretty mare looks and acts like her wonderful dam! Same beautiful head and eye, same tail-flagging trot , with plenty of style. See AMayZing Illusion's page for more pictures.  Congratulations to Terril Ekstrom on her purchase of this terrific mare!    Terril will be showing Amayzing Illusion, I'm excited to see all three Ekstroms in the show ring with their "Magic Mist" horses.   Best of luck, and thank you!
SOLD! Magic Mist Wild Illusion
Born March 23, 2009
AMHR pending
August 2009
Out of  Magic Mist Wildfire and by CCMF Spotted Illusion, This jet black colt (now a gelding!) is built to impress! Very leggy, long neck, with a superb laid-back shoulder, this boy has what it takes to excel in performance, and do well in halter too. His Granddam took Grands in her limited halter-showing career, his dam is a National Champion in Halter (Youth class), and his dam's half-brother is an accomplished performance horse with a National Championship in Jumping and many National Top Tens, along with having his Hall of Fame in Halter. If you want a horse with the close-up proof of ability, this colt is what you are looking for! 

Wild Illusion was nominated to the AMHR National Futurity and has been sustained as a yearling..See Wild Illusion's page for more info and picsSee Wild Illusion's page for more info and pics
Congratulaions to Miranda Ekstrom on her purchase of this wonderful gelding!   Miranda will be showing Wild Illusion , good luck to them!


Magic Mist Zippin Illusion
AMHR  Born
May 6, 2010
Out of Summer's Je Tieme and by CCMF Spotted Illusion, this colt is a beauty.   Leggy, straight, with striking appaloosa color and a terrific trot, he should mature about 36".   "Zip" is nominated to the AMHR National Futurity and is being offered for sale, though it is tempting to keep him-- what a show horse he will be!   See Zippin Illusion's page for more info and pics.
Sold! Magic Mist Blazing Illusion
Born May 3, 2011
AMHR pending
Blazing Illusion
Out of Magic Mist Wildfire (National Champion Youth Halter) and by CCMF Spotted Illusion, this colt is a beauty. Refined with great conformation and lovely movement, he has a neat blaze and two hind white socks. He would make a wonderful show horse. Expected to mature about 36", a great size for driving!   He's also nominated in the AMHR National Futurity! See Blazing's page for more.

Congratulations to Leanna Ekstrom on her purchase of this lovely colt!   Watch for Leanna and Blazing in the show ring!

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