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Jandts Precious Pimples, aka "Cowboy"
AMHA/AMHR Born 1996

Big thank you goes out to Carrie Newburg of Cherokee Rose Miniatures for allowing us to add Cowboy to our herd!  These pictures were taken at Carrie's, Cowboy was 11 years old and just pulled out of the pasture, no conditioning done.  He's a gorgeous boy.  Not only is his buckskin leopard appaloosa coloring striking, but he has a beautiful head and neck, wonderful topline and tailset, and boy can he MOVE!   Cowboy is also so sweet and easy-going, great to handle, just a doll.   Cowboy will be breeding the Magic Mist mares for the first time in the spring of 2009.  I can't wait to see his foals, it will be a long year!   Cherokee Rose is expecting some foals by him in 2009 and we will hopefully be able to share pics of them as they are born, and we may be adding other foals he's had as well. 
Magic Mist Sassafrass
Born April 27, 2010
Out of Magic Mist Treasure of Bonsai and by Jandt's Precious Pimples ("Cowboy"), this double dilute blanketed appy filly is tiny, refined, and beautiful, practically perfect in every way--- except that she was apparently born blind.   At first her eyelids were turned under and her eyelashes were rubbinig her eyes, causing ulcerated corneas and we thought perhaps her lack of vision was from that, but as she's been treated for it her vision hasn't improved.   She's an absolute doll and the veterinarian and the vet techs are all in love with her, and laugh at her sweet yet fiery actions.  She has a fierce determination to live and thrive. The fact that this filly is all that I've been striving for in my breeding program and yet tragically flawed causes me a deep sorrow, and yet looking at this darling, tough little baby who won't let anything get her down also is an inspiration and makes me smile. 
Magic Mist Azirah
Born April 29, 2010
Gold N Glitter
Out of VI's Sugar Buck's Dominique and by Jandt's Precious Pimples ("Cowboy").  Pretty, pretty, pretty!  This filly is so golden, so upright and correct with such a pretty head and engaging personality.   Our second foal by Cowboy and also our second out of Dominique.  Win/win! See Azirah's page for more info and pics.
SOLD! Magic Mist Ladybug
AMHA/AMHR pending
Born May 3, 2010
Out of Mountain Highs Lady McBeth and by Jandt's Precious Pimples ("Cowboy").    And the fillies keep on coming!   This one is a rich deep red like her dam, and oh-so-lovely.  Named by her new family's young daughter even before she was born, she almost *had* to be a red filly!  Congratulations to Shanale Sides and family! 
Magic Mist Aliyana
Born May 7, 2010
Out of Magic Mist Im An Appy Lucy and by Jandt's Precious Pimples ("Cowboy") this buckskin filly is a stunner!   She has super-tippy ears and an animated, high-tail-flagging trot.   Striped hooves and mottling indicate future appaloosa coloring.   We are retaining this one to show.  More pics to come!
Magic Mist Aurora
Born May 10, 2010
Out of Summers Shades of Class and by Jandt's Precious Pimples ("Cowboy"), a beautiful palomino filly who looks like she could be a twin to the earlier-born palomino this year.  Really lovely and sure to be a deep shade of gold when she is mature.  This filly was the fifth foal by Cowboy this year and the fifth filly as well.  His consistency of correct, upright, gorgeous foals is outstanding! See Aurora's page for more info and pics.
Magic Mist Uniquely AMayZing
AMHA/AMHR (pending)
Born March 30, 2011
Out of Mountain Highs AMayZing and by Jandt's Precious Pimples ("Cowboy") this is Cowboy's sixth foal for us, and the sixth filly. All of his foals have been incredible and this one is no exception to that. And yet she is exceptional. Watch for her on the show circuit!

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