Magic Mist Zyanya
Born May 23, 2011
AMHR pending
Out of Summer's Shades of Class ("Classy") and the first-ever foal by our Buckeroo grandson Erica's Streakin For Bucks. This filly is gorgeous: long legs, beautiful neck, lovely head with a big eye, great hip with high tailset and she carries that tail high in the air. She's got fantastic movement too. Born with striped feet and sclera, and a wee bit of mottling. This filly is destined to be a show horse! "Streaker" did VERY well siring his first foal! See Zyanya's page for more.

Magic Mist Champagne Cara Mia
Born May 29, 2011
AMHA/AMHR pending
Cara Mia
Out of CCMF Champagne Delight, a classic champagne appaloosa, and by Erica's Streakin For Bucks. This tiny filly is a doll, and what a character she is. Born black with bright blue eyes, she's beginning to change color subtly in both coat and eye color, as champagnes do. She looks to be a classic champagne like her dam, and should end up the same shade of gold as her dam is when she's mature. What a thrill to get a champagne filly, and such a small, fine boned one at that! See Cara Mia's page for more.

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